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Australia - Melbourne Day 2
Sunday, October 21, 2012 • 8:50 AM • 0 comments
Melbourne Day 2
21 Oct 2012, Sunday
Good Morning Everyone!

We're at Esplanade Morning Market along Esplanade Street. Most of the stalls open around 10am and closed around 2pm. * This is a weekend market so don't come during weekdays
This beverage van is kinda cool!!
Got myself a cup of tea for such a cold & windy weather
Moving along the market stalls, we saw plenty of nice and artistic stuffs.
 Most of the this stuffs are quite unique but the price isn't cheap
Welcome to St Kilda Pier
It's very cold and windy when you walk long the pier so remember to bring your wind-breaker
 Such a cold weather, some people are still kayaking...Gosh!
The wind is very strong along the broad way * Please don't look at my hair *
Didn't I told you, don't look at my hair!:(
During midnight, the little blue penguin will appear around this area.
After 20mins walk. We've reached the pier end
 Curious about the house behind me? Haha!!
Guess What?
It's a Cafe!
The moment we stepped into the cafe, we felt the warmness in us. It was so nice and comfy. 
*it is the heater/warmer which they usually switch on during cold season*
Let's grab a table facing the sea:)
May I have your order?
The donuts and cupcakes are so lovely!
 Thereafter, we decided to settle our lunch here
Got a hot chocolate drinks(AUD4) to warm myself up! Thumb Up for the drink!It's Nice!
and all of us having fish & chips(AUD15.90).
The fish are quite small but the fries are huge and plenty. Is worth it!
Let's walk and enjoy the sea breeze for awhile after meal.
Time to go...
Taking bus no. 136 to CBD and switch to the free city circle tram.
 After 30mins of waiting and onboard on bus no.136
We arrived in CBD area and now waiting for free city circle tram (Operating hours from 9am-6pm)

This is the side view of Flinders Train Station, waiting for the free serving tram.
Our next destination - Fitzroy Garden
you may wonder why are we so strange to visit garden. Indeed, this garden is very interesting
Enjoy the serenity and natural
But not only that, they have James' Cook's Cottage

Entrance fee required as shown on the above picture.

Thereafter, we walked to Tudor Village ( Miniature Village)
Wow!! So cute! But what a pity that we can go in.
Walking around and breathing fresh air
Enjoying ourselves on the patches of grass and appreciating the flowers. Feel so good!
Thereafter, we came to Old Melbourne Gaol ( Old Prison in Melbourne)
Operating hours 9am-5pm
Admission fee is AUD25 but if you come around 4pm. The ticket price will drop.
We paid only AUD12 for the entrance.
No matter which direction you viewed, either from the outside or inside, the environment and atmosphere are not really good. I'm imaging myself in gaol during the olden days.

This place has many saddening history, a place filled with pitiful prisoners and stories about how some prisoners got "hang sentence" as death penalty by just stealing food from the neighbour house or as small trivial issue which is throwing rubbish on the floor. Many felt unfair and riots started against these unjustified sentence. Remember to take a moment to read the story. Quite interesting...
This place is also very good to film haunted movie, hence they provided Night Tour for an adventurous experience in the gaol.
Thereafter, we took the tram to Dockland area
We are here at Waterfront City
The weather is very windy and cold. Look at both of us, we are frozen!
Nothing much here and all the shop in the shopping center " Harbour Town " were closed at 5.30pm.
At this time, we need to wait for a long time for the tram. Many have already been off service.
After 30mins of waiting for the tram and 30mins of transfering, we walked across Yarra River and along the river is Crown Casino
No photo taking are allowed in the casino premises. The casino is huge and it covers 2-3 basement of the tower. Quite impression! Alot of people are inside gambling. Oh!! We are good girl and boy, we don't gamble but just tour around. Cheers:)

Thereafter, we walked pass Euraka Skydeck
The rate is not worth going

Dinner time, we purchased 2 pizzas from Gabbies Pizza & Pasta opposite our hostel.
The Pizza We'd ordered- It's delicious and not very expensive!! Must Try!

After our delicious meal, time to bath and sleep
To be continue - Melbourne Day 3

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Quote of the Day : Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. 2 Cor 4:16 God Loves You



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  • Australia - Mebourne Day 1
  • "My Birthday"
  • Bali 4D3N
  • SOT Graduation Day!!
  • Last Day in School of Theology (SOT) 2012
  • SOT Mission Trip to Jarkata - Team 1
  • Grace's Loh Wedding
  • Hui Fen's Wedding
  • Rudy's Birthday
  • Lots of Exam and Preaching Test coming soon

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