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Bali 4D3N
Tuesday, September 25, 2012 • 9:13 AM • 0 comments
My first holiday in 2012...as well first time to Bali...
Together We Enjoy!
Me, Rudy, Brother Jireh and Liu Xiang

 Always remember to grab a map at the Airport,it consists of varies of local tour agencies and place of interests to visit. Nevertheless, for this trip, our tour guide is Mr Rudy. He has arranged for our flight and plan the itinerary. Thanks Dear for coordinating.

Arrived at Ayana Resort (1 night stay)
Welcome cocktail at the resort reception and a string of flowers.

 Hop into a buggy to get to our rooms.
The resort receptionist told us something which surprise us.He was checking whether if we could mind to give up our ocean view deluxe room for an old couple who are physically challenge.As the room they reserved are down hill so it was inconvenience for them to walk around the resort.

As a good deed, we agreed and to our surprise, they upgraded us from Deluxe Room to Villa, We are so surprised and moreover, there were no additional charges and it was complimentary upgrade by the resort.

Here we are at our Villa
( a living room, bedroom, double size bathroom,outer court private swimming pool and refuge.

Nice and Beautiful Resort!! must stay.....

Now jalang(walk in English) around the resort.

Nice outdoor public swimming pool

This Chapel in the resort is quite famous for Wedding photoshoot.

There is a famous bar over here called " Rock bar". This bar is quite unique as they are build on the cliff and facing the sea. Most of the guest came here for sunset viewing. As mentioned from the hotel staff, usually the queue starts around 3-4pm. Fotunately, for internal guest who stays at Ayana resort can cut queue or don't need to queue. The queue mentioned earlier are for external guest who does not stay in the Ayana. 

Beside the Rock Bar is a swimming pool for Ayana guest only, the pool has a great seaview. Is a great spot to view for sunset just that your need to be there early to grab and occupy the pool bed.
Sunset time!!It was too beautiful to image.
The night is still young, lots of people chilling at Rock bar after sunset.
Thereafter, dinner in an Italian restaurant just nearby the entrance to the rock bar. The food tasted good and the price is not very expensive as well.

After dinner, we walk around the resort for awhile.Came across the resort store and went in to have a look.

Saw this fruity massaging oil- Smells really good! It is better than those I saw in the Bali street market.Real stuff with good quality. It cost around SGD12. the price still reasonable. Purchased the one I'm holding...

Day 2
Waiting for Rudy and the rest,
Ready to go! My sundress of the day and my sunglass
Lunch Time - Jendala Bali
(restaurant next to Plaza Garuda)
The food range is good and price is affordable, not costly.
Must try this!! Delicious
 After Lunch, we went to Plaza Garuda (Yes, it is not a shopping center)
This is the plaza and where is the Garuda?
 Here it is - The Garuda (Guardian Bird)
 The Master who rides on Garuda
 Based on what the local people told us, the hand is located at else where in the plaza as they short of fund to transport the hand over.-.-"
 Nearby the entrance, there were some shops selling Balinese handicraft and incense. Looking around and at the same time, my brother and Liu Xiang trying out the 25mins back massage.Their comment is "Not worth it"

It was such a hot sunny afternoon.Time to go beach! 
Our next stop: Dreamland Beach
Forgotten to bring my bikini, cant swim or play water.Such a waste!
Saw lots of people surfing,I'm so tempted to surf as well.Hai...Alternatively,playing sand and chill out at the cafe near the beach...Ya! We did! with Rudy the Sunny Boy and the rest!
 Some shopping? Not here, the things are expensive.

After receiving vitamin D from sun-tanning at the beach, our driver drove us to Uluwatu
Entrance fee: Rp15000=SGD2
Monkeys are running around freely in the area, becareful if you bought foods and visible valuables.Keep your items safe in your bag.
lots of walking over here, climbing up the stairs and got to see this beautiful scenic(refer to below picture) 

It's time to go for the "Kecab and Fire Dance" and we need to climb down the stairs and walk over a short distance.The show ticket are charged at Rp70000=SGD9.50
"Kecak" til the sky became dark
 Finally, the show ended. This is a cultural dance with real fire play which told us about the story of how the prince save the princess with the assistance of Garuda.The performers are good - barely using any musical instrument but instead by using their vocal to produce the sound and melody for the whole 1 hour show.
"Kecak""Kecak""Kecak".....all the way for 1 hour. Amazing!

Seafood Dinner at Jimbarang Bay Beach
Dining tables were placed along the shore.Nice ambience but the seafood wasnt really great.The place is very expensive. Not commented to go!
The seafood are charged by kg and not by per dish.
 Without further complain, let's dig in....

After the unsatisfying seafood dinner, we check in to our place to stay:
Astana pengembak suite apartment & villa
Reasonable Price but the location is abit ulu (further in). You need to book a local car service for pick up otherwise there are not much thing to do nearby.

Day 3
Good Morning! Selamet Pagi!
Breakfast Time

After Breakfast,Our Sunny Day to Kuta Beach
Have Fun in the Beach

 Playing Sand and Liu Xiang is surfing again
Along the shore, there are lot of street booths selling short, bikini,slippers...etc...however, the rate is not cheap.Tourist attraction hence all the items here are $$$ then usual.
Even the street shops as well,almost all the stuffs are expensive...

Thereafter, after lunch we heads off to a Coffee & Tea Plantation
Sample drinks as per below
We tried a cup of coffee Luwak - it has a weird taste...unexplainable
simplified taste: Muddy water
 In the end,we bought the lemon glass tea and it is really refreshing after a slip.

Heading to another location
Tanah Lot
Along our way, we saw shops, cafes, restuarants...etc
(similar to Chatuchak in Bangkok)
  Nice printing
 Ukelele? Anyone?

After much temptation...we finally arrived to the place of interest
 The Nature!

Last night shopping
Wholesaler at Krisna Oleh Oleh Khas Bali

Happily spending my rupiah...buying back for souvenir
 Bali Trip Day 3

Day 4
Home Sweet Home to Singapore

"Welcome to Michelle's World"

Life is Precious! Cherish the special one that comes into your life. Every moment is a special moment! It is never too late to treasure it!

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Quote of the Day : Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. 2 Cor 4:16 God Loves You



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  • SOT Graduation Day!!
  • Last Day in School of Theology (SOT) 2012
  • SOT Mission Trip to Jarkata - Team 1
  • Grace's Loh Wedding
  • Hui Fen's Wedding
  • Rudy's Birthday
  • Lots of Exam and Preaching Test coming soon
  • Jessly's Wedding
  • Meeting Someone Special ~ Rudy
  • CHC Easter Drama

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